Cookie Policy

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small bits of data we store on the device used to access the website. They are used to improve the browsing experience by allowing the website to remember certain information about the user such as user preferences and authentication status. Cookies can come directly from the website you are accessing or they can come from third party websites. Some cookies expire after a predefined period of time and some cookies expire after the browser is closed. HTML5 cookies (ex. localStorage) stay on your device until they are deleted manually by the user or they are deleted by the website.

2. What cookies are used here?

The cookies used in this website can be broken into separate categories listed below. No third party cookies are used.

2.1 Essential Cookies

These cookies are necessary for the website to function properly and cannot be disabled.

Cookie Name Description
.SODIACS.AUTH Tracks user authentication details.
.SODIACS.Session Tracks user sessions.
__RequestVerificationToken_9kv_EDT_ogA Protects against cross-site request forgery attacks.
OmsCookieConsent Stores cookie settings.
2.2 Functionality Cookies

These cookies are used to enable additional functionality for personalization and a better user experience.

Cookie Name Description
DataTables_* Saves states (column sorting, page length, etc.) of each table.

3. What are my options?

All cookies can be disabled through your browser's settings. However, this will prevent the website from working properly. The essential cookies mentioned above are required and should not be disabled. The other cookies can be enabled and disabled as you choose by clicking 'cookie settings' below.
Cookie settings
Individual cookies can be manually deleted at any time through your browser. This does not prevent the website from setting the cookie again in the future. Refer to your browser's documentation for information about managing cookies.